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Re: Please Recommend Affordable and Reliable Cloud Storage for 50 TB of Data


On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 01:08:01PM +0800, Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 10:10 PM Dan Ritter <dsr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 50TB is a lot of data. Do you actually have it right now, or are
> > you projecting into the future? How are you storing it?
> Using external portable USB hard drives.

What then are your goals for cloud storage? The main issue you are
facing is that 50TB is a pretty huge amount of personal user data by
today's standards, so any commercial offering is going to be expensive.

If all you require is access to your data when you are out and about,
and you do currently have always-on Internet at home, you could build a
cheap server, attach your existing USB storage to it, and serve it with
owncloud or something.


- USB storage kind of sucks

- Now you are a sysadmin, congrats

- Maybe your domestic Internet service provider isn't up to the task of
  serving a lot of data


- Access to your data from where you have Internet for a relatively
  modest one off purchase and some sysadmin work.

- Your personal data can stay physically where it is, so no months-long
  upload session.

Depending on what your actual use case is there are many other reasons
why this may not be suitable.

If I had 50TB of valuable personal data I'd also be worrying about how
it's backed up.


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