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Re: Can't scan new disk

On 2/15/19 6:21 PM, songbird wrote:
Mark Allums wrote:

I just bought a new backup disk, and I want to check it. It's mounted in
a USB dock.

Running the following gives an error:

root@martha:~# umount /dev/sdb1
root@martha:~# e2fsck -c -c -C 0 -f -F -k -p /dev/sdb1
/dev/sdb1 is in use.
e2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting.

What's causing this and how do I fix it?  It's not MATE; I tried
rebooting to rescue mode, but that didn't help.

   sure you got the right disk?

100% sure.

   does it show up in the journal/log when you
unplug it and plug it back in?

   something may be grabbing it automatically perhaps
so check your fstab entry and make sure it isn't
being mounted automatically if you don't want it to
be done like that.  (is it appearing in /mnt ? ).

   check the label, uuid, partition table before doing
anything too serious to it (to make sure you really
do have the right device).

   i never have backup disks being mounted automatically
because i don't always even have them running.


It isn't mounted.