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Re: How to file a proper bug report

t.j.duchene@xxxxxxxxx composed on 2019-02-14 17:27 (UTC-0600):

> I have a user question on how to file a proper Debian bug report under
> certain circumstances.

> I've been testing Debian Buster off and on with Steam games. I have
> noted that using the AMD open driver and Buster with Alien Isolation
> seems to suffer some graphics regressions, specifically "blinking black
> squares."  This does not happen under Debian Stable with the kernel
> from stretch-backports (needed for my AMD Radeon 580RX on a Ryzen 5
> 2600X). I'd like to file a proper bug report, but I can't be confident
> that it Buster's Mesa library that is the issue.  I have no real
> experience debugging the graphics stack, unfortunately.

> I've noted that this remains unaddressed in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS  as well
> (if that is actually helpful).

> What is the best/most productive way to proceed?  

This is intended for all Intel hardware on Linux users, but it should be a useful template for
anyone with Xorg driver trouble interested in reporting it wherever the right tracker happens to be:

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