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Re: How to file a proper bug report

t.j.duchene@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> I have a user question on how to file a proper Debian bug report under
> certain circumstances.

Thank you for taking the care to find out what information is needed for
a good bug report.

Your specific use cases seem to involve non-free software (Steam games
are, I assume, non-free in general, though there may be some exceptions)
so that makes it particularly difficult to diagnose problems.

If there are reproducible behaviours, it can be helpful to run the
program under ‘strace’ and reproduce the behaviour, to get an extremely
verbose log of system calls being made at the time when the behaviour

When that is reproducible, it might be helpful to have two separate
‘strace’ log outputs: one from the environment where you don't get the
buggy behaviour, one where you do.

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