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How to file a proper bug report

I have a user question on how to file a proper Debian bug report under certain circumstances.

I've been testing Debian Buster off and on with Steam games. I have noted that using the AMD open driver and Buster with Alien Isolation seems to suffer some graphics regressions, specifically "blinking black squares." This does not happen under Debian Stable with the kernel from stretch-backports (needed for my AMD Radeon 580RX on a Ryzen 5 2600X). I'd like to file a proper bug report, but I can't be confident that it Buster's Mesa library that is the issue. I have no real experience debugging the graphics stack, unfortunately.

I've noted that this remains unaddressed in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as well (if that is actually helpful).

What is the best/most productive way to proceed?

Thank you!