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Re: kmail - just a little problem

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 11:25:56 AM EST Hans wrote:

> Hi folks,


> I am running into a little problem with kmail in plasma.


> The problem is, that the column on the very left side (the one where the

> folders like "kmail-folder" are shown) with the the definition "name" is

> very, very big (more than 4000 pixels wide). But I can not get it smaller,

> and there appeared a scrollbar below.


> I found no way to get rid of this and get the column smaller. It cannot be

> shifted in any way. If I add the other columns like "unread", "size" and

> "general", those can be made smaller and wider.


> Any idea, how this behaviour appeared and how I can get rid of this?


> Thank you for reading this message and for any help.


> Best regards


> Hans


What kmail version are you using. I can't replicate your problem with my setup and kmail 5.7.3 .


What does your kmail look like on the screen? I have a folder list "window" on the left and on the right I have 2 "windows" top is a message list, bottom is message preview. I can resize the message list and message preview by hovering the mouse over the vertical separator, click and hold on the vertical separator and drag it left or right to meet your needs.


I hope this helps,