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Re: firefox does not redirect to login page

On Wed, 13 Feb 2019 15:24:43 +0100
Flo <debianflo@xxxxxx> wrote:

>Dear All,
>I have an old laptop which I set up yesterday. And since it's old I only
>install the packages I need.
>Today I realized that I cannot login into an public hotspot.
>Up to now it worked in a way that I got redirected to the login page
>where I had to click on the connect button. This does not happen now.
>It just says it cannot find the webpage.
>What package is necessary to make firefox able to redirect me to the
>login page? What do I need to install?
>Any help is appreciated.
>Thanks a lot.

I had that issue with the latest firefox this weekend. I stayed at a
hotel, and firefox would not redirect. I finally had to enter the
url for the hotel login myself. Then firefox allowed the login.

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