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Re: WiFi without Network Manager

 deb wrote:
> note: this is why I think top-posting is best.  People don't have to
> scroll through tons of crap to get to "Thanks" :-)

When I open a message on a mailing list or newsgroup and see nothing but
quoted text I usually just move on to the next message.  On the other
hand I find top-posted responses that remain cryptic until I've scrolled
through a hundred lines of mostly-irrelevant quoted text a bit
irritating too.

It's better not to post "Thanks" to a busy mailing list.  If you must do
so please put "Thanks" in the subject line.

rhkramer writes:
> I vary the use of top-posting and "bottom"-posting depending on
> circumstances.
> ...
> On lists that prefer "bottom"-posting, I try to ususally comply, with
> exceptions.

> In either case, I advocate quite extensive eliding of irrelevant parts
> of a post.

I elide as required and interleave my response.  I recall only one
instance of someone objecting (on Usenet many years ago.)
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA