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Re: P2V Debian 9 with VMware Converter

Le 2019-02-13 14:58, Adam Weremczuk a écrit :
Short answer - because it will take significantly longer and
potentially lead to more errors.
Especially if I have a number of servers with different structures and purposes.

It's hard to beat 20-30 seconds it takes to click and type into VMware
Converter and leave it running.
It works well for Debian 7, probably 8 as well but not 9 :(

On 13/02/19 13:09, Alexandre GRIVEAUX wrote:

Why did you use a vmware converter instead configuring a VM and copy your data ?



Maybe you can do dd HDD clonning of Pysical to Virtual HDD and correct udev rules inside /etc/rules.d/ for the network card.