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Re: OT: Current_Pending_Sector on /dev/sd?

basti wrote: 
> hello,
> I have a raid6 with 4 disks. 2 of them show Current_Pending_Sector 1.
> The disks has warranty till Apr. 2019 so I decide to replace them.
> After I change the disk and install it on an other computer to overwrite
> with zero it the Current_Pending_Sector is gone.
> What should I do? Whats our experience?

Sometimes disk sectors go bad. When the disk detects that, it
reads whatever it can and writes it somewhere else.

You can expect the number to be reset to zero either on repair
or after a power-cycle.

A small number in CPS is fine. If it starts going up, or the
reallocated sector count starts increasing, you might have an 
impending disaster.