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Re: How to Restart Networking in stretch

On 2/13/2019 5:49 AM, Kent West wrote:
> stretch, 9.7
> I've duckduckgo'd for two days, but there seems to be no definitive answer
> as to how networking is supposed to be configured in stretch. debian.org's
> link to "The Debian Administrator's Handbook" is for version 8, and talks
> about deprecated tools like ifup/down, which aren't even installed by
> default on stretch.
> I've got a very minimal install of stretch. I used the network install
> .iso, and when I got to the "tasksel"-equivalent screen, I unchecked
> everything except the bottom-most "Standard system tools" (or whatever it
> says).
> When I boot into my system, it works as expected; I can ping google.com and
>, apt install more packages, etc.
> But in trying to convert to a static address (by editing
> /etc/network/interfaces), and then try to restart the network ("ip link set
> dev enp0s3 down", then "...up") subsequent networking results in name
> resolution complaints or "network not available" complaints. Nor do any of
> the other methods I've tried work - "service network restart", "systemctl
> restart networking", "systemctl restart systemd-networkd",
> "/etc/init.d/networkng stop" then "...start".

I wouldn't involve systemd if you're using '/etc/network/interfaces',
that is, stopped and disabled 'systemd-networkd' and 'systemd-resolved'.

> I try a reboot. Still no go.

If after a reboot it is still a no go, that could be that the stanza not
correct is.

> So I restore my interfaces file to DHCP, and reboot, and all is well.
> Until... I try to stop/start networking just to see if I can, using any of
> the methods above. A simple "if ... down" followed immediately by an "if
> ... up", without changing a thing between the two, results in the same
> error messages I had earlier, until I reboot.

I would broad the interface down, change the stanza then broad it back
up, Systemd way or 'if up|down'

> btw, NetworkManager (network-manager) is not installed.
> So, two questions:
> 1) Why can't I restore my networking after I stop it? How do I restore
> networking?
> 2) What is the canonical current method in 2019 to [semi-]manually
> configure networking in stretch? And is it documented anywhere? (My two
> days of searching leads me to think "no". Or my google-fu really sucks.)

If I can, on server, I do a reboot.

John Doe