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Re: what are you using instead of bind9?


On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 06:40:01PM -0500, Lee wrote:
> What are people using these days to
> 1. have dnssec enabled lookups
> 2. filter external dns answers

I use Unbound for resolvers.

I understand that Unbound can do some RPZ-like things with its
local-data and local-zone directives, but I've never played with RPZ so
don't know if it can cover your use case.

PowerDNS Recursor is another popular recursor. I have never used it,
only the Auth server version, but I've found that to be high quality
software so I'd certainly be willing to look at their Recursor product
if I wasn't happy with Unbound. It seems to have RPZ support:



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