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Re: WiFi without Network Manager

On 2/12/19 9:15 AM, deb wrote:

> Glenn, thanks for this!

More than welcome.

For your amazement, here's the comcastRoutes.sh from my laptop, running
Buster. This is run just after the WiFi interface has been brought up
and Comcast has scribbled all over my IP files. It looks like maybe I'm
removing the default the twice on the WiFi...

#! /bin/bash

echo 'Adding Comcast routes'
route del default
route add default gw <theDefaultOnMyT1>

# Debian mirrors:
# picosecond
route add -host gw wlan0
route add -host gw wlan0
route add -host gw wlan0
# Georgia Tech
route add -host gw wlan0
# Wikimedia
route add -host gw wlan0
route del default wlan0
route del -net netmask

cp -a /etc/resolv.conf.sls /etc/resolv.conf

Glenn English