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Re: WiFi without Network Manager

On 2/12/19 7:10 AM, Kenneth Parker wrote:

> What I want now, are the "steps" that Network Manager takes, to bring up
> WiFi, so I can create an "in-demand" Root-level Script that I can run,
> for the WiFi part.  (The rest works fine, using /etc/network/interfaces).

How about (a non-auto entry from my interfaces file):

# wlan0 -- Get DHCP from Comcast and tidy up a bit
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
	wpa-ssid <SSID>
	wpa-psk <password>
	post-up /etc/sls/comcastRoutes.sh

comcastRoutes.sh is a shell script that fixes the routing table and
resolv.conf to set the default and DNS back to non-comcast IPs and to
enter some routes -- I use this for big downloads from the mirrors, etc.

"ifup wlan0" or "ifconfig wlan0 up" bring it up. And they don't turn off
my T1 Ethernet connection.

Glenn English