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Re: (Stuck! Fresh 9.6 install) iwlwifi-8625-26.ucode <- Can not find/what is it? Spot of help please?

deb, on 2019-02-11 :
> Do I gather correctly that Brian is the resident, sarcastic,
> cranky-pants herein?
> I stopped reading his replies to folks.

Well, I prefer to make no assumptions about people just by
looking on the content of two emails.  After all the first
intervention from Brian has most probably been legitimate.
Sometimes, mail takes time to be carried to the box, and that
kind of collisions may arrive.  And should he be "a" resident
sarcastic whatever, he certainly is not "The" resident.  :^)

There are fellows here with "to the point", "efficient",
"Crocker rules" language, sometimes a bit harsh to read, but
definitely worth reading when dealing with very technical
problems. "Always assume good faith."

Stay in the list during a month or so, to get the temperature,
or dig in archives:

Also, get used to non-top posting.  :^)

> @Étienne -- I'll try the -22.ucode alone one next -- but your
> warning on not using 9.7 strikes home.
> I'm going to do that next  ... getting the 9.7 .iso going,
> that is.

Usually, keeping old ISO is not that a problem, it's just that
since the package manager does automatically retrieve packages
during system installation, and since it has been affected by a
security vulnerability in the retrieving process, at this very
instance, keeping old ISO is a concern.

I suppose that you could also proceed to installation offline,
and follow the recommendations to proceed to the upgrade of the
package manager without being exposed to the vulnerability, but
that is definitely not recommended for the beginner, or the
security wary (I look at you unattended-upgrades).

Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@xxxxxxxxxx>