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Sound stoped unecpected

Good evening *,

I have a ThinkPad T400 with Docking Station and whenever I have a power
failer, the ThinkPad crash... I have Stretch with sysv-init running.

However, I can hard reset the ThinkPad and thath it is.

Today I got an unexpected result AFTER A HARD REBOOT.

The sound stoped...

If I run "Pulse Audio Volume Control" I see the streams from VLC,
Audacity and Firefox, but no sound is comming out of the loudspeakers.

Doe someone had a similar problem and know how to solv it?

I have already called alsamixer and moved all settings arround,
but noting helps.

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400