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Re: (Stuck! Fresh 9.6 install) iwlwifi-8625-26.ucode <- Can not find/what is it? Spot of help please?

the last time I had such a problem (Buster net install using wifi) I bookmarked this

I believe restarting the installer (from USB) with a second USB inserted with the firmware solved it... needed packages were found and used.

sorry, I don't have my notes, and my memory is crap today

On 2/11/19 10:33 AM, deb wrote:

Hello folks:

When I hit the networking section on a fresh install of 9.6 (full install .ISO, not live),

I'm told to insert a USB of these non-free bits.

   iwlwifi-8625-26.ucode, iwlwifi-8625-25.ucode, iwlwifi-8625-24.ucode, iwlwifi-8625-23.ucode, iwlwifi-8625-22.ucode

The Problem is - I can't find 26-to-23 anywhere online.

My research attempts are below.



* What *are* 26, 25, 24, 23 for? I'm guessing Intel wifi; as that's what I believe -22 is for.

   But I don't see 26 to 23 listed anywhere...

* wouldn't it be useful for the installer to Also say what exact hardware it is, that is requiring various bits & pieces?



 * 1 yr old Intel NUC, i7; new.

 * Crucial memory, new.

 * Kingston A400 SSD, new.

 * aforementioned full 9.6 Stretch install .iso on a USB stick. I'm using the graphical install.

  My research attempts before emailing the list, are below.


1. THIS is a good resource, from a fellow with a similar Jessie-related problem.


    However neither this, nor the /stretch versions have anything on 26-23.

2. The archive files that I found with -22, do not include any 26-23 files.

3. Package Search turns up nothing:


4. Intel's current wireless section only has -22 files.

    (also see 2. above)


5. A flat out search turns up nothing.


A spot of help please?

Thank you