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Re: Can not shutdown

M.W.C., on 2019-02-11:
> I use LXDE and now I just found out that I cannot shut down from LXDE,
> "Logout - Shutdown"
> It gives the error saying "GDBUS Error System Error ENXIO No such drive
> or address"
> I tried with XFCE but still it won't shutdown, it just logs out instead.

Good Day,

I encountered a similar problem some at various occurrences, on
various revisions of Debian and it turned out the `avahi-daemon`
has crashed and prevented users from issuing reboot or poweroff
requests from the GUI.

Perhaps the following command might have helped, but I'm coming
quite some time after the battle, and am not sure it was really,
at 100%, the same symptoms:

	$ sudo invoke-rc.d avahi-daemon restart

Anyway, I hope this helps someone someday,
Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@xxxxxxxxxx>