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Re: Wifi/Bluetooth from Realtek in Asus X541U does "correctable" errors.

C.T.F. Jansen wrote: 
> Buying the said Asus X541U notebook, Microsoft Windows does not show errors
> but other people complain of spotty performance from the Realtek
> Wifi/Bluetooth unit in it.
> One could also replace the Realtek Wifi/Bluetooth unit with one that works
> properly.
> Is there a suitable replacement that a technician could install in the
> computer ?

I took a look around the net and found video of disassembly of
the notebook. It's quite straightforward, and it uses a normal
miniPCIe wifi/bluetooth card.

You could replace it with an Intel or Atheros unit -- the most
complicated bit is attaching the screw-down antennae, which
requires good eyesight and a steady hand.