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Re: Setting default $PATH for all users

On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 04:22:44PM -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:
> On 02/10/2019 03:42 PM, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 02:57:22PM -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:
> >
> >[...]
> >
> >>Unless someone can point to a single location to modify that:
> >>   1. modify existing user(s)
> >>   2. have effect for ALL future users
> >>   3. survive updating to future releases
> >>I'll drop the issue.
> >>Thanks all.
> >
> >Did you ever give consideration to the stuff in /etc/X11/xsession.d?
> Yes.
> Also looked at other X11 links suggested by drilling down thru links
> to links ...
> Having just been taught the value of "grep" I just did
> "grep -r path /etc/X11" and "grep -r PATH /etc/X11" to see if I had
> missed anything. Hadn't.

It's not (necessarily) about a PATH being there. Rather about you
putting one there, usually in the form:


(substitute as appropriate). Or append your preferred paths if you
want the usual suspects (/bin, /usr/bin, etc.) to take precedence.
Or both.

> >What's in that directory (on your machine)?
> >root@fromdell:/home/richard# ls /etc/X11/Xsession.d
> >20dbus_xdg-runtime	   50x11-common_determine-startup  90gpg-agent
> >20vdpau-va-gl		   55mate-session_materc	   90qt-a11y
> >20x11-common_process-args  60xbrlapi			   90x11-common_ssh-agent
> >30x11-common_xresources    60xdg-user-dirs-update	   95dbus_update-activation-env
> >35x11-common_xhost-local   75dbus_dbus-launch		   99mate-environment
> >40x11-common_xsessionrc    90atk-adaptor		   99x11-common_start

Looks pretty standard. Now do try putting a new file into Xsession.d
containing a line as suggested above and named, e.g. "97richards-path"
or something similar (92 means it happens near the end, the rest
is just for you to remember the perpetrator). Decorate it with some
comments. Remember, it's shell text which is "sourced" (i.e. included
as part, not executed in a subshell) by some bigger thing.

> >root@fromdell:/home/richard#
> [https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94971962/01_set-default-path.patch]
> and [https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2014/04/msg00006.html]
> indicate that at one time the behavior was hard coded into lightdm.

I'll believe that when I see it. I don't think they bypass the X11
session mechanism.

-- tomás

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