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Wifi/Bluetooth from Realtek in Asus X541U does "correctable" errors.


Buying the said Asus X541U notebook, Microsoft Windows does not show errors but other people complain of spotty performance from the Realtek Wifi/Bluetooth unit in it.

Install Debian 9 then the console shows a stream of "correctable errors" from the said Realtek Wifi/Bluetooth unit. Fortunately the file systems here are large so /var does not fill.

Suggest installing the hwinfo package to give useful information about what is going on in this machine. Haven't seem any mention of that anywhere.

The pcie address/port/etc has a 1c.5 on the right. This is the same on all units. They do not all have loose boards or hardware faults. It appears that Intel has upgraded the processor but that the Realtek Wifi/Bluetooth unit has not kept up, it is a back level or otherwise sufficiently defective unit.

One could turn off the error notifications but some consider these necessary information.

Other people tie themselves in knots experimenting with alternate drivers but not to any useful effect.

One could also replace the Realtek Wifi/Bluetooth unit with one that works properly. Is there a suitable replacement that a technician could install in the computer ?

At the moment I'm inclined to blacklist the driver rtl8723be and use a wifi dongle in a USB port when necessary.

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