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Re: GUIs are turning into seas of grey (gnumeric)

On Sat 09 Feb 2019 at 23:16:42 (+0100), Michael Lange wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Feb 2019 14:40:18 -0600
> David Wright <deblis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> > However, you've taught me what to look for in the Packages/Descriptions
> > files, and I've now installed gnome-accessibility-themes. Not pretty,
> > but does just what I want in gnumeric. Thanks.
> you might want to also have a look at the TraditionalOk theme from the
> mate-themes package. Imho this one more or less keeps what its name
> promises.

OK, that took 9 dependencies to install, many the same as for Numix.
But I'm afraid it (and the Green variant) fail in a not quite similar
manner, which needs all four screenshots to illustrate. The first
three correspond, as usual, for the three buttons; the fourth (which
is the initial state for the dialogue) is the problem: the Save
button appears to be selected when actually it isn't. Because of its
blue colour, it's difficult to see that the document name is what's
highlighted in 4. In fact, the easiest way to see whether the document
name or Save is highlighted is to keep tapping Tab to go round and

So I'll stick with Accessibility, thanks. As you may or may not guess,
I'm operating with the keyboard. I can move the cursor with the touchpad,
but not click. For that, I have to use a mouse.

For my browser, I have set up F12/^F12 for left/right click (in fvwm),
but it doesn't work in gnumeric.

Thanks again.


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