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Re: GUIs are turning into seas of grey ([Solved] for gnumeric, & FF scrollbars)

On Sat 09 Feb 2019 at 11:25:20 (+0300), Reco wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 09:38:30PM -0600, David Wright wrote:
> > I can't understand why modern GUIs are composed of grey20 widgets
> > on a grey21 background. How am I meant to know what's going to happen
> > when I press Return on each of these dialogue boxes, 1­3?
> Enjoy your stock GTK+3 theme. Just joking, of course.
> > We used to see things more like attachment 4 only a few years ago.
> > How can I get back something like that?
> >From the upstream POV - you should not. They like things looking that
> way (i.e. non-contrast tablet style with HUEG fonts and widgets), they
> discourage users from writing their own GTK+3 themes (which *can* change
> the appearance of the dialog window in question).
> If you're willing to risk funny-looking GTK+3 applications - I have a
> solution for this particular case:
> # apt install numix-gtk-theme
> $ GTK_THEME=Numix gnumeric
> Setting this theme systemwide is left as an exercise for the readers.

Well, I tried that, and it was more colourful, but no improvement in
the button contrast. Same with some of the other themes that were
installed as dependencies.

However, you've taught me what to look for in the Packages/Descriptions
files, and I've now installed gnome-accessibility-themes. Not pretty,
but does just what I want in gnumeric. Thanks.

I put GTK_THEME=HighContrast into my .xsession which works fine.

It has also widened the scrollbars on firefox which had narrowed
dramatically, was it in late 2017. It's been so easy to miss the
scrollbar and raise/lower the window instead of scrolling.

As I run another instance of FF under a different username, I've also
put GTK_THEME=HighContrast into the script that runs it via ssh.
(I think ssh prevents the environment being inherited.)

As for systemwide, I'm guessing that putting it into one of:
might do it, because that's where the system picks up your
home-grown .xsessionrc.


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