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Re: What am I missing that causes this error response from the wheezy mozilla?

On 2/6/19 8:30 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Wednesday 06 February 2019 20:15:48 John Hasler wrote:

Gene writes:
I have had to write 2 checks for the last 2 vehicles I've
bought. Writing a single check for close to $20k for a good used
car/truck doesn't fly, some sort of a rule that 10k and over has to
be reported so the irs can watch for laundering, so I write one for
$9999 one day, and the balance the next day. As long as the account
is good for it, what business is it I buy a new truck to replace a
20 yo rust bucket that getting dangerous to drive.

People have been prosecuted for evading the controls in that way.  The
government doesn't need to prove that any other illegal activity was
involved or intended: evading the reporting requirements is a crime in

Maybe, but if they jailed everybody that did it, we'd need at least 20x
more beds in the jails.+

No kidding. Gene, I'm finally getting my dream sailboat, at almost 70 years old, and I'll be spending a lot more than 10k. But, it will be up to my bank to report the transaction, not me.

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