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Re: What am I missing that causes this error response from the wheezy mozilla?

Gene Heskett wrote:

> You are just playing in a bigger rodeo.  I have had to write 2 checks for
> the last 2 vehicles I've bought. Writing a single check for close to
> $20k for a good used car/truck doesn't fly, some sort of a rule that 10k
> and over has to be reported so the irs can watch for laundering, so I
> write one for $9999 one day, and the balance the next day. As long as
> the account is good for it, what business is it I buy a new truck to
> replace a 20 yo rust bucket that getting dangerous to drive.

Same here, same here - limit is €10000,-, so we do the same split all into
work packages below 10000,-

However I think they are watching if the wrong people are doing the
laundering :D. I just heard a story how civil border patrol in US caught 2
CIA employes with 100 pounds of white powder near the border and they
explained this belongs to CIA :D

Another option are the fees they collect - but I am not sure if it is per
transaction or %charge on the total.