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Re: how to select part of old mp3 and create new one

tomas@xxxxxxxxxx (12019-02-07):
>   ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -ss 10 -t 20 -acodec mp3 output.mp3

Since the original is already in MP3, -acodec copy (or -c:a copy, more
modern) will avoid re-encoding the file, and thus having the MP3
artifacts twice.

But if you want to recode, then do not put just a codec: you would get
the default quality parameters, and they probably do not suit you.
Specify the quality you want. RTFM for that.

Last: usually better to put -ss before -i, because it avoids decoding
the whole beginning of the file.

> This is assuming you want to have your result as .mp3 too (consider
> a free codec like vorbis or flac, if you want lossless).

Nowadays, Opus beats Vorbis easily.


  Nicolas George

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