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IPv6 addresses

Hi all,

Tipped off by a comment on here, and confirmed I think by reading the
manpage, it seems I should be able to set multiple addresses on an
interface by using multiple iface stanzas for the same interface in

So I have something like this:

iface ens3 inet static
  <v4 stuff>

# this one should hopefully configure via SLAAC
iface ens3 inet6 auto

# this one is for my static stuff (using a ULA prefix)
iface ens3 inet6 static
  address 2001:db8::1/64
  up ip -6 route add ...
  up ip -6 route add ...
  up ip -6 route add ...

But I don't get the SLAAC address. The only way I've managed to get the
SLAAC address plus the static, is to have a single auto stanza like this:

iface ens3 inet6 auto
  up ip -6 addr add 2001:db8::1/64 dev ens3
  up ip -6 route add ...
  up ip -6 route add ...
  up ip -6 route add ...

Incidentally, that also gives me an autoconfigured address (based on the
MAC) in the 2001:db8::/64 prefix, which I don't think I need.

Does that suggest a bug in ifupdown? Or am I interpreting something wrong?


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