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Re: Install Report: Buster Weekly Build on Intel NUC (NUC8I5BEK1)


Carl Fink wrote:
> First I used unetbootin to create a Testing (Buster) netinstall USB drive.

This is deprecated by

"Please note, that Debian advises not using "unetbootin" for this task.
 It can cause difficult-to-diagnose problems with booting and installing,
 so is not recommended."

Rather copy the ISO image flatly to the base device file of the USB stick.
The FAQ proposes

  cp <file> <device>


  dd if=<file> of=<device> bs=4M; sync

(<device> has to be e.g. /dev/sdc, not a partition device like /dev/sdc1.)

> You also have to turn on legacy boot, of course, to boot from the USB drive.

The ISOs do have boot entries for EFI from DVD and from USB stick.
Probably unetbootin did not copy the EFI System Partition from the ISO.

Have a nice day :)