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Re: What am I missing that causes this error response from the wheezy mozilla?

John Hasler wrote: 
> Celejar writes:
> > https://pbsmarket.com/gdpr-for-bloggers/
> This is ludidrous.  If you sell nothing to Europeans and have no
> business presence there you can ignore this.  It's easy to see why many
> site owners decide that the safer course is to block Europe, though,
> even if they are actually already in compliance.  From their point of
> view it's block Europe, hire an expensive lawyer to tell them how to
> comply, or risk prosecution.
> I run a small site for my business.  I collect no data at all on
> visitors and use no JS, but I have no idea whether or not I'm in
> compliance and I have no intention of trying to find out.

You're in compliance.

GDPR is:

- written clearly
- makes reasonable sense given its premise
- scales requirements to what you are doing
- scales fines to how badly you are abusing the requirements

If you collect personal information, you need to be able to show that
it was gathered with the person's consent; correct it or delete it on
request of the particular person it's about, and you need to make it
easy for them to contact you to do those things. You need to be able to
state why you are collecting their information, how long you are keeping
their information, and have a policy about when you delete it.

You're not collecting personal data? No problem, you're done.