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Re: What am I missing that causes this error response from the wheezy mozilla?

Gene Heskett wrote:

> Not that I know about ATM. But the woofs family has a few small pieces of
> gas well royalties, and they always mail the checks so they get here
> late Friday's, too late to hit the bank with such a piddly deposit.  And
> by Monday its buried in this midden heap and forgotten, so more than 1
> $7 or $12 check has wound up in the treasurers office and I have to
> claim them for her. Mailing it so it gets here after the banks close on
> Friday is NOT anything but intentional, they get to use your money for a
> little while longer. Interesting what you can learn at the rodeo...

very interesting - couple of years ago I learned about over night swaps ...
and usually you are not getting bigger transfers same day. They (in the
bank) say that bigger amounts need approval and it takes one day :) (in
Europe) :)
I am not sure if it changed now, cause they changed something last year -
but I doubt cause it is so tasty. Especially if you know what will happen
in the next 6 hours on wall street or in japan ...