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Re: What am I missing that causes this error response from the wheezy mozilla?

On Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 09:42:04PM +0100, deloptes wrote:
> tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I'd guess the same. But... now it gets interesting: blocked by whom?
> > China? North Korea?
> Yes just tried
>  whois wvsto.com
> and accessible from here Europe.
> I don't think one would block this site

Name resolution isn't a problem: it's the access to the host after
that. Tcpdump shows the SYNs going out but no ACKs arriving, it looks
like some silly firewall rule on the way.

I tried a couple of times after that (once just after I saw Brad's
positive response from the UK) -- the results are consistent for

So our rough map is: France (near Paris), Germany (Berlin): out;
Spain (Madrid): in, UK: in.

So much for basing your "security" on the IPs you see :-D

Attempt at an explanation: as IPV4 gets more and more exhausted,
we're bound to see small slivers of IPV4 space "recycled" and
allocated to random places -- IP address to geolocation "mapping"
becoming more and more fractal and (time-) dynamic. Admins:
enjoy maintaining your firewall rules!

-- tomás

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