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Re: shell script problem

On 2/5/19 12:01 PM, Greg Wooledge wrote:

>>From man systemctl:
>        mask NAME...
>            Mask one or more units, as specified on the command line. This will
>            link these unit files to /dev/null, making it impossible to start
>            them. This is a stronger version of disable, since it prohibits all
>            kinds of activation of the unit, including enablement and manual
>            activation. Use this option with care. This honors the --runtime
>            option to only mask temporarily until the next reboot of the
>            system. The --now option may be used to ensure that the units are
>            also stopped. This command expects valid unit names only, it does
>            not accept unit file paths.

Yeah, I saw that. So mask is stronger that whatever disable is. And it
'prohibits all kinds of activation of the unit' -- but it, apparently,
encountered a masked unit, notified me, them just went on with the
script. I've seen error messages saying '<something is bent> but going
on anyway'. Nothing like that in this case, but it did go on anyway.

This adventure has made me believe that systemd was a massive effort.
But also that there are some areas where it could still use a little work.

I still think that that massive effort might have been better spent
fixing init. Handling threads, tightening some methods and regulations,
tidying up init.d and its buds, enabling startups in PERL, Python, Ruby,
C, Java, etc. -- things legible and debuggable. Maybe even shell, if
you're into a syntax from the late 1940s...

Glenn English