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shell script problem


A shell script has begun to throw errors I can't seem to get rid of.
Didn't used to -- it started in the past few days.

I have access to a couple Internet connections: a slow but extremely
reliable T1 I've been with for years, and a Comcast residential cable
WiFi that's odd, but very fast. There are 2 Ethernet ports on the box.

I wrote a shell script for the frequent and large Buster updates, etc.
that brings up the Comcast WiFi, makes changes in the DHCP info,
modifies the routing table so the mirrors in the sources list are routed
through Comcast, and fires off aptitude.

The problem is that toward the end of bring up Comcast, I get a message
from systemd saying '-.mount is masked'. The systemd man pages say there
is indeed something called -.mount and that being masked will kill any
process encountering a masked something. The message says it's going to
quit the script.

Then it goes on with the script, and as best I can tell, finishes properly.

The man pages say there is a way to unmask things (I can't remember what
it is). When I run the command, I'm told that the parameter is wrong (it
doesn't like the '-', understandable). I put it in quotes, same thing. I
try it with something else masked in the list, and it comes back with
the expected *nix response when all is well (nothing). But when I look
at the list again, it's still masked.

What's going on? What does 'masked' mean? What is '-.mount'? Should I
just ignore the error message? Can I ignore any systemd error message?

Glenn English