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Trashcan Icon Naming


This is probably for the UX team, but just thought I would mention it.  

Debian 9.7 Stretch.

Applies to:

Desktop icon for Wastebasket.

If you right click, you get the option to Empty Rubbish bin. 

If however you go to desktop properties, 

Menu - > Preferences -> Desktop Preferences -> Desktop Icons tab

From here you can tick Show 'Trash Can' on Desktop

In essence the same icon / tool has three different names.

Should there perhaps be a consistent name for this,? firstly users
coming from Windows / Mac may expect this.

I understand that in different countries this has a different name, so
perhaps a solution to this is:

Short term : fix the inconsistency.

Longer term : Perhaps find a way for the user to change the name, but
then it also changes the name in the properties box, and right click menu.

This may save people providing support a lot of work trying to help a
user, who is expecting to see 'Empty Wastebasket' it may help the
documentation team(s) too.

I have not come across this when providing support I just anticipate
issues caused by this.  

Just a thought

Hope it helps


Paul Sutton
gnupg : 7D6D B682 F351 8D08 1893  1E16 F086 5537 D066 302D