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Re: USB hard drives -- recommendations?

Le 03/02/2019 à 11:22, Alexander V. Makartsev a écrit :
On 03.02.2019 15:01, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 03/02/2019 à 10:10, Curt a écrit :
On 2019-02-03, local10 <local10@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You may want to consider buying an USB HDD enclosure/cradle, like this
one[1] for example, they are cheap and would allow you to use a
regular internal HDD as a USB drive.

Note that this solution may require an external power supply.

It won't be necessary for 2.5" hard drives. Only 3.5" hard drives
require +12V DC to function, which USB interface can not provide.

Some 2,5" drives require more current than the 500 mA a USB 2.0 host port can provide. Looking at my own, I read 800 mA, 1100 mA, 580 mA, 451 mA. So only one of them is below 500 mA.

What's inside an external drive if not an internal drive?

Sometimes, a drive with a native USB interface instead of a SATA

Are you sure about that?

Yes, from opening a few of them.

I think it won't be cost-effective to make an
entirely new custom PCB for a hard drive that will have both SATA and
USB controllers on-board.

The PCB can be the same, but it can be equipped with only the controller, PHY and connector required for the destination. No need for an adapter PCB, controller and connectors in the enclosure. Less parts = less assembly cost.