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Re: USB hard drives -- recommendations?

On 03.02.2019 20:08, David Wright wrote:
On Sun 03 Feb 2019 at 15:22:26 (+0500), Alexander V. Makartsev wrote:
On 03.02.2019 15:01, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 03/02/2019 à 10:10, Curt a écrit :
On 2019-02-03, local10 <local10@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You may want to consider buying an USB HDD enclosure/cradle, like this
one[1] for example, they are cheap and would allow you to use a
regular internal HDD as a USB drive.
Note that this solution may require an external power supply.
It won't be necessary for 2.5" hard drives. Only 3.5" hard drives
require +12V DC to function, which USB interface can not provide.

What's inside an external drive if not an internal drive?
Sometimes, a drive with a native USB interface instead of a SATA

Are you sure about that? I think it won't be cost-effective to make an
entirely new custom PCB for a hard drive that will have both SATA and
USB controllers on-board.
In my experience it is always a regular SATA hard drive plugged in to a
SATA-to-USB adapter.
The only problem with external disk drive enclosures from well known
brands like WD or Seagate is they don't offer a way to open them e.g. to
switch the disk drive inside.
Wouldn't that kill them? When I retired, I had more drives than I had
bays to put them in, so I bought a PATA caddy, the old-fashioned
equivalent of the above. (I'd never bought a drive out of my own pocket.)

Nowaday, youtube caters for USB disassembly, and devices like the above
cater for reuse of the result, and for the equivalent glut of spare
SATA drives as PCs are retired.


I don't think it would kill them. I mean there are plethora of anti-consumer tactics developed by the companies to support them and external USB HDDs are not the main source of their income.
Also you can always buy an empty USB hard disk case of less known brand and put any SATA drive inside, assuming USB-to-SATA controller inside will support the drive's capacity.
They will function the same, but could be easily disassembled to recover data or to switch HDDs.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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