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Re: Let's play "Where is X?" (was: logout kills X)

On Sun, Feb 3, 2019, 04:04 <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Sat, Feb 02, 2019 at 06:34:33PM -0500, Felix Miata wrote:
> Jonathan de Boyne Pollard composed on 2019-02-02 22:01 (UTC):
> > Felix Miata:
> >> Indeed. It's what I had in mind when I responded. I'll give one guess
> >> where it came from..... Time's up. Yes, systemd [...]

> > This is quite wrong.  Neither systemd nor Lennart Poettering imposed
> > such a notion.  The RedHat people had the idea of moving the X server to
> > |tty1| in 2008 [...]

> The devil is in the details. This was around 10 years ago and I was writing from fuzzy memory. Is
> it really wrong in an overall sense when you do not omit from the quote all that I wrote, in
> particular this part?:

No but it is kinda wrong in a more diffuse sense: depicting
Lennart Poettering as the Devil Incarnate with half-facts just
adds a lot of noise to a discussion which should be carried
with a cool head and lots of good will towards each other.

Personally I don't like systemd and have /my/ good reasons to
avoid it, but hey, Lennart is writing free software after all,
so I'm thankful for that.

/And/ when you're critizicing things, do make an effort to get
facts right. And try to be fair in your critique: there's often
a human being at the other end. Otherwise we end up being
Facebook or 4chan.

Now getting off my soapbox. Next, please :-)

-- tomás

Depicting Lennart Poettering as the Devil Incarnate would definitely unfair to the Devil Incarnate.