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Re: Thunderbird + Enigmail + saving draft with encryption

In my previous test I did not close Thunderbird before reopening the
signed and encrypted draft message.
this time I did it and nothing changed: The right title of the draft was
still there.

I prefer to stick to Stable but my main laptop is fairly new, that is
why Buster is installed on it.

So on a previous laptop, french Debian Stable with all updates
installed, with contrib, non-free; proposed-updates, updates,
security-updates, backports enable (but no backport package installed)

Same test and same result as with Buster on my new laptop: the title is
correctly saved and correctly sent after reopening Thunderbird.

In case it could be significant:
- I use Gnome desktop environment (if you use a lighter DE or a WM it
would be possible that a library that improves Thunderbird/Enigmail (but
is neither considered recommand or suggest) is not installed.
- I used my gmail address, so it's an IMAP remote storage of the draft.

Sorry, I have no other clue...