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beep works, speaker-test doesn't

beep works, speaker-test doesn't.
beep(1) makes beeps right into the headphones.
speaker-test doesn't make any sound.
$ alsamixer looks horrible after installing PulseAudio.
x Card: PulseAudio
x Chip: PulseAudio
x View: F3:[Playback
x Item: Master

something is wrong with its curses.

No nothing is muted.
$ pactl list sinks #shows the only sink is:
Sink #0
        State: SUSPENDED
        Name: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1f.5.analog-stereo
        Description: Built-in Audio Analog Stereo
        Driver: module-alsa-card.c

How can I unsuspend it for just a quick test?