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Re: logout kills X

Greg Wooledge:

The man page for clear_console(1) is a little unclear to me, and a little bit disturbing. I cannot figure out what "changes the foreground virtual terminal to another terminal" is supposed to mean, but between that and the reference to chvt(1) under SEE ALSO, it seems like someone might want to investigate that more closely.

I already did, years ago.  It is why I years ago wrote and published a replacement clear_console that just uses the control sequences to clear the scrollback buffer, gaining the benefit of working remotely, with GUI terminal emulators, and with PuTTY along the way.  It has been in the nosh toolset since version 1.19 in 2015.  The original clear_console from the Bourne Again shell package is, in contrast, using the side-effects of switching between KVTs as a way of clearing the scrollback buffer.  It switches them back and forth very rapidly.

I explained this in this very mailing list three years agoI also explained it in the 1.19 announcement, also on this very mailing list, pointing to a whole bunch of Debian bugs.  I also explained it on Unix and Linux StackExchange.  It's even explained in the manual.  (-: