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Re: Thunderbird + Enigmail + saving draft with encryption

On 02/02/2019 09:14, didier gaumet wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> Same versions of thunderbird and Enigmail here but Debian Buster.
> I do not observe the same thing as you do: the draft is saved with the
> intended title
> It is probably of no importance but my Debian (and Thunderbird) is in french

Hi didier

That perhaps suggests the issue is with my set up somewhere,  or it is
fixed in either the French version or Buster.   It may be due to another
package which is causing the issue.

A copy of this e-mail is now in my drafts as "Encrypted Message", but
appears in the compose as it should be.

Lets keep an eye on it via the list. 



Paul Sutton
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