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Re: logout kills X

On Fri, Feb 01, 2019 at 10:33:14PM +0000, Brian wrote:

> Bugs filed against X, bash and systemd. Only the much maligned systemd
> [...] has had an analysis and discussion in -systemd. Silence from the X
> and [...] the bash maintaners for 3+ years [...]

I don't know if you are aware of it, but it is an interesting point you
make there: what's the difference between {X, bash} and systemd?

Right, the former are "mature" projects. That means that they are somehow
in maintenance mode: they are most of the time seriously understaffed
(and /if/ there are exciting things happening they are at the "borders",
as in X). This works well for a while -- whenever nothing exciting
happens (mature software, after all). But the world around the software

Remember OpenSSL and Heartbleed? I claim the underlying pattern is the
same [1].

That can only mean two things: either there's a way to bring "fresh
blood" into mature projects on a regular basis (although it /may/
seem they don't "need" it). Or we have to see projects dying of age
and rotting (with some collateral damage as some infrastructure
is still based on this rotting substrate).


[1] Some people saw the light and founded the Core Infrastructure
   Project <https://www.coreinfrastructure.org/>. Seeing through
   the illustrious (and very wealthy) list of sponsors I'm still
   a (fair) bit sceptical -- most of them seem to follow the
   neo-capitalist pattern of squeezing "costs" in all corners which
   don't seem to matter /right now/ (hello, Fukushima?).

-- tomás

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