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Re: Thunderbird + Enigmail + saving draft with encryption

On 01/02/2019 21:24, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> On 2/1/19 7:26 PM, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> If you save the message,  close the compose window,  then go to Drafts, 
>> then reopen the message for more editing before sending the subject
>> remains as "Encrypted message" and you lose the original subject header.
>> I just wondered if this is what is meant to happen ? or is the original
>> subject header supposed to be restored.  Has anyone else noticed this.
> Good Day Paul,
> Yep, sounds to me that it is a feature to avoid leaking your email's
> metadata.  Whom discusses with who and on which topic is an
> interesting information indeed, even without being able to decipher
> what's inside the fold.
> Not sure if it's worth the pain though, since mail servers use these
> metadata to properly route your email anyway; but I may have missed
> interesting novelties on autocrypt side.
> Cheers,

I will disable it for now, if anyone else notices this,  then perhaps it
is something that needs to be reported as a bug,  I would expect the
original subject to be restored, or failing that TB could simply append
the subject in some way.   It is interesting when you're drafts folder
is full of e-mails with the header "Encrypted message" unless you can
remember what time you saved the message finding a specific message is

I think the idea is that as messages on say an IMAP server are stored on
that remote mail server any messages in draft are also stored there,  so
saving a message would leave the e-mail in plain text,  while the
messages in sent and inbox would be encrypted.  So encrypting drafts
make sense.l

Useful feature in a way but not that useful in the current
implementation. so as you said not worth it.

If we can confirm this it may be worth looking at sending in a bug report.


Paul Sutton
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