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Re: Partition information as text file?

Richard Owlett composed on 2019-02-01 07:59 (UTC-0600):

> Thomas Schmitt wrote:

>> It's what Gparted does and what Richard mentioned as example of the desired
>> information.

> I'd make that statement stronger.
> My starting point was Gparted displays *ALL* the desired information for 
> *ALL* members of the set [ /dev/sd* ] whether mounted or not.

> That PROVED that what I wanted was possible.

> It's "suitability to purpose" was degraded on *2* counts:
> 1. it does not output the data as a text file.
> 2. it displays information for only 1 device at a time.

>> Given that the source code of Gparted is published, we do not
>> have to speculate how it does this, but rather can riddle over its C++ code.

> Having known working source code for a program that almost meets my 
> needs/desires remedies a major deficiency of the man page format --
>   [/begin_rant   almost total lack of examples /end_rant ;]

Maybe the following would do better

parted # instead of gparted
some parted commands
parted exit
script exit
nano typescript

All assuming you tried dfsee and didn't manage to find options to produce exactly your
desires in its logs even with some editing.
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