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Re: Networking Completely Failed

On Friday, February 01, 2019 10:27:05 AM Curt wrote:
> Maybe inconclusive. What's a gnome application, anyway?

I'd like to try to answer that:

   * I would say that a GNOME application is one that is in some sense 
supported by the GNOME (I guess GNU?) organization -- it is probably hosted 
(i.e., has source code available) on the (a?) gnome site, probably supported 
by one or more gnome developers, and *possibly* using one or more gnome 
libraries or other software resources.

It does not preclude that:

   * non-gnome developers also support it

   * non-gnome websites also make it (as source or binaries or both) available 
for use by others

   * it uses, either in addition to, or in some circumstances, non-gnome 
libraries or software resources

   * it's use and / or distribution with other distros / desktop environments

It may have been, in some sense "started" as a gnome application, but it might 
just as well have had other roots and been somewhat adopted by gnome (and not 
precluding other distros / desktops also having adopted it).

It is, after all, (I believe, without double checking), under a GPL or similar 
free and / or open source license.