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Re: Partition information as text file?


Richard Owlett wrote:
> [Gparted] PROVED that what I wanted was possible.

Regrettably it does not retrieve the information by some universal info
program or library, but rather has particular info sources for each of
the supported filesystems. (There are more filesystems around than i can
see in the Gparted source.)

> It's "suitability to purpose" was degraded on *2* counts:
> 1. it does not output the data as a text file.

So you need one or more scripts which apply the program runs learned from
Gparted to your partition device files and which then pick the desired
numbers out of the text output from those programs.
Then the script[s] would put out the retrieved numbers in the text format
which you desire.

> man page format [...] almost total lack of examples [...]

If you refer to Gparted's man page, then the answer is obviously that
nobody expects hard info from the manual of a clicky-colorful GUI program.
(I.e. not "RTFM" but "RTSL" = "Read The Source, Luke.")

Have a nice day :)