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Windows 10 & Debian 9: Win 10 not updating

I have a new Win 10 Pro installation (from an MS DVD) on a PC upon
which I then installed Deb 9 as a second OS dual-bootable.  Boot
selection works fine with either OS.

I have an old Win 10 installation (upgraded from the original Win 7)
on a laptop upon which I originally installed Deb 7 dual-bootable (the
Deb 7 was in-place upgraded to Deb 8, then Deb 9).  Boot selection
works fine with either OS.

Both computers are 64-bit with grub2 and of four standard partitions
and one or more extended ones. Both computers have an abundance of HD
space on boot and main partitions for each OS.

Problem: Neither Win 10 OS has been able to successfully update since
about last April. I have tried all the things I have found in an
Internet search, including making sure the Win partition is marked
boot-able, and downloading and running the Win 10 trouble shooter--all
to no avail.

I should have asked here first, but at last I'm here.

Has anyone had the same problem (no Win 10 updates) with dual-bootable Debian 9?


Best regards,