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Re: trying to install Debian encrypted in an existed partition, keeping the rest as it is ...

On 1/30/19 11:03 AM, Thomas D Dial wrote:
On Wed, 2019-01-30 at 06:42 -0800, David Christensen wrote:
If you want a portable Debian installation, install Debian on a USB
flash drive.  To avoid confusion, install (and update/upgrade) on a
computer with no other drives connected (so that GRUB does not create
boot menu entries for other operating systems). ... >>
I see no reason to take the original drive out for the install.

Note the word "connected" -- when installing Debian, I disconnect any drives that I don't want the Debian installer to see. I

If you don't, grub will find the OS(s) on it and generally provide correctly for booting them if you wish to do so.

I have one USB flash drive with Debian amd64 and another with Debian i386. I use them for maintenance/ troubleshooting on many computers (one at a time). I don't want or need GRUB adding extraneous boot menu entries.

If the machine is booted without the USB key, it still will boot normally for the old OS(s). I have found this arrangement quite convenient.

Same for my arrangement, but without the cruft.