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Re: trying to install Debian encrypted in an existed partition, keeping the rest as it is ...

On Wed 30 Jan 2019 at 06:42:30 -0800, David Christensen wrote:

> On 1/29/19 9:30 PM, Albretch Mueller wrote:
> >   use case:
> > 
> >   Say, you have a computer preinstalled with Windows, on which you
> > would like to install a Debian Linux base. You would:
> > 
> >   1) resize the larger, Windows proper (/dev/sda3) partition
> >   2) install Linux encrypted in the created space, with
> >   3) what you need to start it up (the /root partition) on a pen drive
> > 
> >   So, other people may be able to use that box just fine under Windows
> > and you would do your thing.
> > 
> >   If for whatever reason you disown that computer, you would just
> > delete that partition. Your own data you will keep on a USB pen or
> > microdrive.
> If you want a portable Debian installation, install Debian on a USB flash
> drive.  To avoid confusion, install (and update/upgrade) on a computer with
> no other drives connected (so that GRUB does not create boot menu entries
> for other operating systems).  Use the motherboard firmware (BIOS/UEFI) boot
> device hot key and/or setup program to boot Debian.

Wouldn't removing os-prober save having to hunt down a driveless