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Re: Application running over Debian and GPL

Sileno de Oliveira Brito wrote: 
> If i develop a application (in c or php) and install on Debian (GPL
> license) and distribuite this solution (my app + debian) how a appliance
> (both installed in a hardware) and sell this appliance (harware + debian +
> my app). The my app is necessarily a app GPL and i need provide the source
> code to my client or i can keep my app proprietary and not provide the
> source code from my app?
> In this environment no provide the source code is a violation from GPL?

You will definitely need to provide the Debian source code for the Debian
packages that you ship.

You may or may not need to provide your application's source code,
depending on how it works with Linux. It is certainly possible to develop
an application which is not a GPL derivative work.

You should consult a lawyer with experience in GPL and other intellectual
property issues.